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      • “Health Sys­tem And Its Mal­prac­tice” pp. 27 and “Mal­prac­tice, Physcian’s Respon­si­bil­i­ty And Insur­ance-Med­ical Lia­bil­i­ty Claims: A Ques­tion of Con­tact Law?”, pp. 173–191(Simon), in Ulus­lararası II. Sağlık Hukuku Sem­pozyu­mu, 13–14 Kasım 2009, İst­anb­ul, XII Lev­ha Yayınevi, ISBN: 978–605-5373–00‑9, Basım Yeri, yılı: İst­anb­ul, Ağus­tos 2011. (Inter­na­tion­al II. Health Law Sym­po­sium, 13–14 Novem­ber 2009, İst­anb­ul, XII Lev­ha Pub­lish­ing House, ISBN: 978–605-5373–00‑9, Pub­lish­ing place and date: İst­anb­ul, August 2011, ed. by Per­vin Somer.
      • Genomics and Bioethics:Interdisciplinary Per­spec­tives, Tech­nolo­gies and Advance­ments, Soraj Hongladarom et. al., IGI Glob­al,. ISBN13: 9781616928834, ISBN10: 1616928859, EISBN13: 9781616928858
      • Sci­ence, law mak­ing pro­ce­dures, lan­guage and legal infor­mat­ics (simon), 187:195 in Amedeo San­tous­so et. al. (ed.) Le Sci­ence Bio­mediche E IL DIRITTO. Bio­med­ical Sci­ences and the Law. Pavia 2010. ISBN: 9788871643243
      • Biobank­ing and Genet­ic test­ing: A com­par­i­son between Euro­pean Coun­tries and India, in Jour­nal Inter­na­tion­al de Bioethique. Inter­na­tion­al Jour­nal of Bioethics, Paris, Vol. 3 / 2009, p.57 – 68 also in Toma­se­vic, L. et al. (eds) Essays in Hon­our of Ivan Sego­ta, Croa­t­ia, 2008. ISBN 9789536576371
      • Eco­nom­ic impli­ca­tions of med­ical lia­bil­i­ty claims: Insur­ance and com­pen­sa­tion schemes, (CDCJ, Coun­cil of Europe)(Simon), Stras­bourg 2008.
      • Les Impli­ca­tions economiqus des indem­ni­tees liees a la respon­si­bilte med­ical: Sys­teme d‘assurance et dìn­dem­ni­sa­tion (CDCJ, Con­seil dè L èurope) (Simon), Stras­bourg 2008.
      • New Epi­demics: A chance for Social Rights, Jus­tice and Health?, CEST – Pub­li­ca­tion, Chu­lalonko­rn Uni­ver­si­ty 2006.
      • The Ger­man Health Care Sys­tem in Tran­si­tion: Past and future. Some eth­i­cal, social and legal aspects, CEST – Pub­li­ca­tion, Chu­lalonko­rn Uni­ver­si­ty 2006.
      • A nova biotech­nolo­gia e a med­i­c­i­na atu­al neces­si­tam de um tipo difer­ente de insumo bioeti­co, ou tra­ta-se de con­fli­to eti­co de inter­ess­est?, in :Ed. Car­los Maria Romeo Casabona / Juliane Fer­nan­des, Queiroz Biotec­nolo­gia e suas impli­ca­coes etico­ juridi­cas, Belo Hor­i­zonte (2005), 3 — 12. ISBN 958–35-0457–2
      • Bioetch­nol­o­gy and Econ­o­my: An eth­i­cal con­flict of inter­est?, Glob­al Bioethics, Firen­ze 2005 17, 205:211. ISSN 1128–7462
      • also in Bio Tech­nol­o­gy ‑Ethics. An intro­duc­tion, ed. L. Landeweerd/L.M. Houdebine/R.Termeulen, Firen­ze 2005, 327:33. ISBN 88–88461-49–3
      • The Ger­man Stem Cell Law: Con­tents and Crit­i­cism — (Simon), Eubios Jour­nal of Asian and Inter­na­tion­al Bioethics 14 (2004), 213–214.
      • Some eth­i­cal and legal issues in Ger­many involv­ing informed con­sent and patent­ing, Sci­ence and Engi­neer­ing Ethics 11, 1 (2005), 93–96. ISSN 1353–3452
      • Does new biotech­nol­o­gy and med­i­cine need anoth­er type of bioeth­i­cal input or is it an eth­i­cal con­flict of inter­est?, S. 165 — 173, Revista de Dere­cho y Geno­ma Humano. Law and the Human Genome Review, Num 18, 1–6, 2003. ISSN 1134–7198
      • Social risks and social per­cep­tion of ani­mal cloning, S. 231 — 236, Revista de Dere­cho y Geno­ma Humano. Law and the Human Genome Review, Num 18, 7–12 2003. ISSN 1134–7198
      • An empir­i­cal sur­vey on biobank­ing of human genet­ic mate­r­i­al and data in six EU coun­tries, Euro­pean Jour­nal of Human Genet­ics (Nature Genet­ics) June 2003, Vol­ume 11, Num­ber 6, Pages 475–488 (Isabelle Hirt­zlin, Chris­tine Dubreuil, Nathalie Préaubert, Jen­ny Duchi­er, Brigitte Jansen, Jür­gen Simon, Paula Loba­to de Faria, Anna, Perez-Leza­un, Bert Viss­er, Gar­rath D Williams and Anne Cam­bon-Thom­sen on behalf of the EUROGENBANK con­sor­tium).
      • Pop­u­la­tions and Genet­ics. Legal and Socio-Eth­i­cal Per­spec­tives. Ed. by Bartha Maria Knop­pers, Lei­den / Boston 2003, darin S. 141 — 167, “An empir­ic sur­vey on biobank­ing of human genet­ic mate­r­i­al and data in six EU coun­tries”, (A Cam­bon-Thom­sen, I. Hirt­zlin, N. Préaubert, C. Dubreuil, J Duchi­er,) P Loba­to Di Faria, A Perez-Leza­un, J. Simon, B Viss­er, G Williams, J C Gal­loux on behalf of the EUROGENBANK Con­sor­tium. ISBN 90 — 04–13678‑9
      • Mod­ern Med­i­cine and Biotech­nol­o­gy: An eth­i­cal con­flict of inter­est?, S. 319 — 325 in Sci­ence and Engi­neer­ing Ethics (2002), 8. ISSN 1353–3452
      • Ethis­che Aspek­te der Xeno­trans­plan­ta­tion, in H. Grimm (Hrsg.), 3. Sym­po­sium Xeno­trans­plan­ta­tion 1999, Springer Muli­me­di­ale Bib­lio­thek der Medi­zin, Hei­del­berg 2000.
      • Biol­o­gis­che Sicher­heits­forschung. Pro­ceed­ings zum BMBF-Sta­tussem­i­nar, 29.–30. Juni 1999 Braun­schweig (Hrsg. Schie­mann), darin (Simon): Flankierende Maß­nah­men für ein anbaube­glei­t­en­des Mon­i­tor­ing von GVP: Ein Vorschlag­pro­gramm, Braun­schweig 1999.
      • Legal and Eth­i­cal Aspects of Cloning, (Simon) EJAIB 9 (1999), 98–99. ISSN 1173–2571
      • Overview about the human and ani­mal cloning in Ger­many, oth­er Euro­pean coun­tries and the Unit­ed States, (Simon) Tsukuba/Tokyo 1999.
      • PID–ethical and legal Aspects, Inter­na­tion­al Con­fer­ence on Envi­ron­ment and Bioethics, Tagungs­band, Chen­nai 1999.
      • Ein­führung eines Umwelt­man­age­mentsys­tems, http://www.tu­, (Simon)
      • Legal and eth­i­cal aspects of Xeno­trans­plan­ta­tion, Pro­ceed­ings, World­congress Bioethics, Tokyo 1998.
      • Com­ments on the “points to con­sid­er” (Simon), in Bio­med­ical Ethics, Vol. 3, 1998. ISSN 1430–9858
      • Grund­la­gen Sys­temis­ch­er Unternehmenss­teuerung (FOKUS-Arbeits­berichte) 1992 — 1995, Kahle, E./Jansen, B.E.S. Jansen/ Wilms/Falko E.P.., 1996, includ­ing 28,30, 31, ISBN 3–931574-45–8
      • Die Entwick­lung ein­er sys­temisch- ganzheitlichen Unternehmen­sanalyse — Teil 1 — Forschungsstrate­gis­che und didak­tis­che Grund­la­gen für den Ein­satz von GAMMA, Arbeits­bericht 1/94 der Forschungs­gruppe Kyber­netis­che Unternehmensstrate­gie — FOKUS- Uni­ver­sität Lüneb­urg, Lüneb­urg 1994,(Kahle, E., Wilms, F. E. P.), ISSN 0940–2055
      • Einige Aspek­te des FOKUS-Ansatzes in der uni­ver­sitären Lehre und der Ein­satz des “TOOLS GAMMA”, in Hanns Hub (Hrsg.): Kom­plexe Auf­gaben­stel­lun­gen ganzheitlich bear­beit­en.- Fall­stu­di­en und Beispiele aus der Prax­is, Nürtin­gen 1994. ISBN 3–928442-04‑X
      • Das Wirkungs­ge­füge mul­ti­per­son­ellen Entschei­dungsver­hal­tens in Organ­i­sa­tio­nen, Arbeits­bericht 1/93 der Forschungs­gruppe Kyber­netis­che Unternehmensstrate­gie — FOKUS — Uni­ver­sität Lüneb­urg, Lüneb­urg 1993, (Kahle, E., Wilms, F. E. P.), ISSN 0940–2055
      • Das Hand­lungs­feld des betrieblichen Umwelt-Man­age­ment in: Arbeits­berichte der Forschungs­gruppe Kyber­netis­che Unte­mehmens- Strate­gie an der Uni­ver­sität Lüneb­urg, Nr. 1/1992 (Kahle, E., Krause, F., Müller, H.-R.; Wilms, F. E. P.), ISSN 0940–2055
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